IFS Group – Community-Centric BFSI Leadership Platform – PART 1

IFS Group Logo (Positioning Statement) - Final

IFS Group is a social entrepreneurship initiative creating an industry-first, open standard Thought Leadership platform for community professionals from the BFSI sector. Market research & feedback have established the pressing need for a cross-market platform that supports views and opinions of industry professionals. IFS Group aims to fulfill this mandate.

IFS Group is building a “New-Generation Decision Support” Platform to bring BFSI community professionals closer to mainstream market ecosystem. Help uncover smarter, collective and sustainable decisions for the BFSI space in the process.

IFS Group - Platform Association Objectives

Our Purpose –

  • Influence Thoughts, Decisions and Actions in BFSI sector
  • Drive Transformational Thought Leadership in BFSI space
  • Enable “democratization” of decision making process for superior outcomes
  • Improve understanding of economic imbalances and market uncertainties

Our Path –

  • Respect “Individual” Views and Opinions
  • Promote Thought Diversity and Decision Inclusion
  • Balance Social, Ethical & Commercial sustainability
  • Support Unbiased, Independent and Democratic engagements

Our Differentiation –

  • Focus on the Community and not Institutions
  • Encourage innovation in thoughts and policy matters
  • Independence of Thought Leadership from market influences
  • Culture of sharing thru open standards, impactful choices and best practices

As “Voice of Community” IFS Group will promote alternative views to establish Transformational Thought Leadership through pan-BFSI industry dialogue, engagement & collaboration. Hope this becomes a vibrant community through the support of our well wishers and partners.


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