IFS Group – Community-Centric BFSI Leadership Platform – PART 2

IFS Group Logo (Positioning Statement) - Final                                                  Continuation of my earlier post from Part 1

“Bridging Policy Purpose & Market Expectation”

IFS Group Community Platform seeks to foster closer co-operation amongst Policy Makers, Regulators, Institutions and Community with a view to support “Transformational Thought Leadership” in BFSI space. It advocates community centricity in designing operating rules, business practices, market governance and open competition.

IFS Group Platform Objectives –

  • Forum to promote “Conscious Economic Models” for sustainable market development
  • Forum to promote “Industry Dialogue” amongst Policy, Regulation, Markets and Society
  • Forum to invite, recognize, empower Intellectually-gifted individuals in the community
  • Forum to enable community professionals in directly “having a voice” on policy matters

Specifically the IFS Group Community Platform is designed to achieve the following objectives –

  • Promote inclusive governance, responsible private investment and sustainable economic growth and development for Indian Economy
  • Discuss, ideate and share global cues, developments and market initiatives including their impact on the international BFSI space
  • Discuss and research current issues and trends that influence BFSI markets and financial institutions
  • Provide a balanced, experienced and supportive discussion environment for industry leaders to enable collective decision making
  • Serve as a forum for business leaders to study relevant industry issues, exchange ideas and develop industry positions and solutions

IFS Group Community Platform, through its intensive economic assessment and deliberations, will support market evolution of BFSI space in multiple ways –

  • Explore and develop approaches to address real challenges in industry and institutions
  • Share experiences, practices and ideas around policies, regulations and management
  • Raise the quality of debate and dialogue in BFSI space to bring industry participants views closer to policy makers and regulators
  • Encourage focused knowledge and information sharing amongst policy makers, regulators, market participant and institutions
  • Fill a critical void acting as the leading connector between markets and policy makers


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