BFSI – Changing Mindset Driving Community Expectations

IFS Group Logo (Positioning Statement) - Final

Community Centricity – The Changing Mindset

With the explosion and abundance of information access points, policy makers need to seriously look at building new ways to engage and collaborate with market ecosystem and stakeholder community. Developing deeper and more meaningful associations with community has never felt more important – as policymakers, regulators and product / service providers start discovering needs and interests of stakeholders much ahead of the decision making curve.

BFSI Mindset Challenges

  • New Economic Order
  • New Power & Mindshare Battle
  • Need for New Generation Industry Leaders
  • Need for change in Business & Economic Mindset

The BFSI sector is changing rapidly – this changing market landscape needs relevant, cross-participative and continuous market conversations for economic and social impact.

  • Early stage involvement in policy matters to establish inclusiveness
  • Share views and opinions in a form that supports decisions collectively
  • Influence direction and form of market policies thru early engagement
  • Broad base the decision formulation process to improve market productivity

Decision makers in the BFSI space will be better served by suitably aligning their policy framework to the needs of the broader community in order to achieve desired market outcome.

At the heart of the systemic change is the need to recognize and respect the growing demands of the Community Mindset – opportunity and ability of BFSI community to influence the manner in which market decisions are made. Rather than be seen as mere appendages to the market evolution process, individuals and communities today carry a strong view and opinion on policies and regulations that impact society economically. They demand a fair opportunity to shape the course and direction of financial markets which Community Centric Platform delivers.


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