Market Drivers for Industry & Community Platforms – Part 1

IFS Group Logo (Positioning Statement) - Final

“Business Architecture Defining Industry Priorities Vs Community Priorities”

How meaningful and relevant can Community Platforms be in the larger scheme of things? Can Industry Platforms and Community Platforms co-exist or does one model end up replacing the other? What does it take to sustain long term and relevant Community Platform objectives?

As in every other business or industry, a model need not be defined based on it replacing or substituting any existing alternative. In this situation, we do believe that both the Industry Platform as well as the Community Platform need to co-exist for achieving market objectives.

It is important to closely examine the motivations and dimensions that are the success-drivers for each model and the objectives they seek to accomplish –


    Industry Centric Platform –IFS - Industry Centricity

  • Primary Focus on institution strengthening process
  • Product manufacturing takes priority & precedence
  • Promotes “Policy – Regulation – Industry” coupling
  • Building & retaining best practices for “self growth”

    Community Centric Platform – IFS - Community Centricity

  • Primary focus on the community strengthening process
  • Market needs & requirements take priority & precedence
  • Promotes “Community – Policy – Regulation – Industry” linkages
  • Building & sharing market best practices for “shared growth”


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