What Defines Our NetWorth

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Alamy Images

Recently I came across an interesting post on what is our True Net Worth – is it determined by “What We Know” or “Who We Know”. There were considerable reasons stated to build a case for the latter – that our Networth is determined by our Network. It went on to state that more often than not the value of our Network is more than double the value of our Abilities (What We Know) – that in a dynamic, connected world, our true worth is determined by who we know and that is more important to build defining relationships and professional network.

I have a completely different take on this – and I hope today’s generation especially the future leaders who will define our landscape and influence our thinking / living are reading this.

Our True Worth which is an outcome of our True Potential is determined by two distinctive traits – Character & Competence. One is born with the “first” and over a period of time acquires the “second”. It is important to understand both these from a holistic context.

Our self worth and true potential gets unlocked and realized by “what we are known for”. It is this combination that ensures creation of enduring and long lasting relationships. And enduring relationships are built solely on our consistent behaviour and ability to provide meaningful solutions. It is this that creates a Circle of Trust which keeps enriching itself through multiple experiences and engagements.

So to define your True Worth – ensure your Character shines through consistently and your Competence continue to deliver relevant & meaningful inputs. It is simple to understand but challenging to execute consistently – but the journey will be “worth it”.


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