Building Vanguard Leaders For The New Economy

Alamy Images

Alamy Images

Leadership and corporations need to do deep introspection and redirect their moral compass to business issues beyond immediacy of profits. The need of the hour is to transform leadership wherein people are encouraged to go beyond call of duty and engage in responsible behaviour that establishes real world people connections and help them realise their true inner potential

The last 20 years has seen rapid erosion of leadership values in blind pursuit of short term profits.  For long there has been serious erosion of intent and authenticity in how Boards have governed institutions that they are supposed to protect and nurture leadership and governance structures. The ‘destruction rate’ of institutional moral fabric is a direct outcome of linking leadership compensation structures to a culture of greed. This has propagated a vicious cycle and blindsided leadership to the pitfalls of short termism and instant gratification.

Leadership priorities and expectations need to be seen through the lens of long term decisions that help establish enduring business institutions.  Great leaders can intuitively connect their actions to the social impact of doing business. They understand building enduring businesses requires emotional maturity, impulse control and the ability to eschew instant gratification; something similar to the famous Marshmallow Test that was propounded by Stanford University in 1960s.

Strong leadership believes in the gift of reason and demonstrates courage to take decisions that have far reaching implications on societies in general and corporations in particular. They realize that decisions made today will irrevocably alter the business mindset and cultural fabric of businesses, people and therefore by extension society. It is here they demonstrate attention to a higher call that establishes personal equity and reputation through value systems. They understand that values lead to value creation

The need of the hour is to transform leadership priorities wherein people are encouraged to go beyond call of duty and demonstrate behaviour that establishes courage and conviction in doping the right things. It is about real world connections and help people in realising their true inner potential. This can only happen when individuals start introspecting about their “Purpose”.

Question is – are we prepared to bring this transformation for a better tomorrow?


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