Demonetisation Agenda

Prime Minister Modi unleashes a revolution of sort by firing his latest salvo against the scourge of black money. Is he the change agent who transforms India from within as true welfare state – a modern nation with defining legacy?

Prime Minister Modi’s tectonic step in the first decisive direct attack on the plague of black money has sent shockwaves through the political / business / government establishments – they have been caught with their pants down. These are the lynchpins that will sustain maximum impact as a direct outcome of this extraordinary step.

To understand the objectives of this latest step by Modi, one would need to take a step back and formulate a comprehensive view of several path breaking steps that his government has taken in the past couple of years. I see this step as a continuation of several revolutionary ideas that have been unleashed by Modi, which on the face of it might appear isolated but there seems to exist a common motivational thread. Therein lies a definitive pattern that seems to hint at a larger design.

From swatch bharat, beti padao, jan dhan, demonetisation etc Modi is trying to bring about a deep, enduring inner transformation in the way we have led our existence. By bringing sharp attention through mainstreaming these issues, he has brought acknowledgement to some of these vexing problems that have eaten into our souls and the moral fabric of the country. It would appear that Modi is inspiring an expedition to build grass root movement of Transforming India – unleashing measures to bring deep shift in our collective consciousness.

The outcome of this specific step (demonetization) is going to be a decisive with far reaching implications. This is not just about attacking black money alone. It is about bringing a deep cognitive shift in our behaviour to help us move in a direction that seeks to transform India into a genuine welfare state. This is about forging a new national identity that reflects the inner workings of a transformed nation. An identity that reflects the aspirations and expectations of every citizen in terms of fairness of policies, conduct and behaviour that puts premium on leading a life full of pride, dignity, equality and inclusiveness. In short, a decisive step to attack corruption and a giant step towards nation building. And it is this decisive transformation that is hinged completely around how the general population responds and rises to this occasion.

Any transformation is painful as it challenges our existing biases, fossilised viewpoints and deeply held prejudices. We would all do well to remember with sagacity that our nation has endured slow torture for more than 50 years – we can definitely demonstrate collective spirit to endure pain for the next 50 days to enjoy the irreversible, long term systemic benefits that are likely to accrue as a direct outcome of this step. Modi deserves credit for his extraordinary courage and conviction. He is staking his entire political capital to bring about fundamental changes in our inner workings. Changes that are challenging our existing ways and disrupting our assumptions. Changes that are striking at the roots of our mental constructs. This is no mean task, especially since transformation entails challenging our established beliefs, which is the essence of our being. It is our beliefs that shape root behaviour in humans at the sub conscious level. I therefore see these steps not in isolation but a series of well designed, programmed and coordinated interventions on our collective consciousness.

Rome was not built in a day – and neither will be a new, vibrant, resurgent India. It is going to take sheer willpower, determined application and unshakable belief in the noble pursuit of designing a self-reliant, self confident and self aware India. Today we seem to have discovered a leader who exhibits decisive courage and intent to make extraordinary sacrifices for a better tomorrow. A nation that we all will be proud of that will secure the legitimate interest of our future generations. Hence we need to seize this moment to ensure this is not a single man’s fight or sacrifice alone – it is about standing together for a greater collective cause.

In this fight against scourge of corruption that has left most of us with deep mental fatigue, Modi deserves every bit of our support and endorsement as he goes about Transforming India by Transforming Indians. He will be remembered either as the leader who went down trying to bring this behaviourial transformation or the man who succeeded in transforming our cognitive construct to “Make India Great Again”.

Any which ways, a heroic effort of extraordinary and epic proportions to help unleash our combined potential through process of immersive transformation.

May the force be with Modi in this decisive expedition.




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