Board Advisor  |  Leadership Coach  |  Conscience Keeper  |  Trust Builder  |  Transformation Enabler  |  Strategy Creator  |  Idea Generator  |  Idealist I Friend

I guess this puts me all over the place!!

Well, if I introspect there seems to be a common thread that binds all of the above in terms of WHO I AM and WHAT I DO. I believe this defines my purpose in a way.

It gives me immense satisfaction when I help Boards, Leaders, Institutions in understanding and connecting “Ethics To Economics” for building a meaningful, trust based profit focused business architecture.

My contributions in the space of building sustainable, long term, value creating business platforms stem to a large extent from personal experiences stretching right from the Board Room to the Broad Street.

What has inspired me to start this blog is having consistently lived the same set of principles and value systems that I advocate to clients and society. Further, encouragement from well wishers and friends has motivated me to share my thoughts on wide ranging topics borne out of my life experiences.

I am currently part of the Leadership Team at a path breaking, long term value focused Purpose Advisory Platform. We are continuously challenging the status quo of main street business models and their assumptions by re-architecting leadership thinking at individual as well as institutions alike, for commissioning superior Purpose-led-Profit Models.

I hope you find my posts useful, insightful and beneficial. I would be most happy to receive any suggestions or inputs that you may like to share on this blogpost or the topics themselves.  You can reach out here. Thanks for your time.