India Finance Summit

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Welcome to India Finance Summit (IFS), an industry initiative from IFS Group, is India’s first and largest Integrated Multi-Vertical Global Conference on Financial Services Industry. As a market neutral platform of choice for policy makers, industry practitioners and market influencers alike, IFS presents unparalleled business opportunity to every stakeholder in the global FSI space. The motto of India Finance Summit is – “Ideate. Engage. Collaborate”

The spirit to engage, collaborate, and promote active conversations is at the heart of IFS. It is our considered belief that the way forward for the BFSI space is to drive active discussions and collaborations between market participants to foster a sense of collective contribution. This becomes all the more essential in the current scenario wherein each segment has its own independent regulator and policies are framed in a fragmented manner across verticals.

At IFS, we see significant opportunity to act as the thought-leadership bridge for industry participants wherein they share their views in an unbiased, neutral and transparent manner. The strength of any industry platform is the quality of interaction and dialogue – and IFS is committed to drive deep traction and participation through relevant and focused engagements. To read about the conference, please visit

With specific industry focus (BFSI), deep leadership credentials (Advisory Board), strong subject matter understanding (Principals’ Background) and a long term strategic engagement with industry participants, we see IFS fulfilling a crucial role that provides direction, impetus and leadership to the entire BFSI community.

Am including a brief IFS – Flyer here and interested people may write in directly to IFS coordinates. Best