IFS RoundTable


IFS Group is organizing Pre-Conference Round Table with express objective of setting tone and direction of the discussion and dialogues to take place during the India Finance Summit conference.

IFS Roundtable is an exclusive peer group created by and designed for financial services industry leaders by IFS Group. It connects participants to incisive thoughts, valued information and industry best-practices to develop and meet individual / corporate goals.

IFS RoundTable – Discussion Note, which will be held on 10th August 2012, seeks to foster closer co-operation amongst Policy Makers, Regulators, Private and Public sector institutions with a view to advocate strong business practices, good governance, elimination of impediments to investments and open market competition.

Specifically the IFS Roundtable deliberations are expected to achieve the following objectives –

  • Promote good governance, responsible private investment and sustainable economic growth and development for Indian Economy.
  • Discuss, ideate and share global cues, developments and initiatives including the impact on the international BFSI space
  • Discuss and research current issues and trends that influence the BFSI markets and financial institutions
  • Provide a balanced, experienced and supportive discussion environment for industry leaders
  • Serve as a forum for business leaders to study relevant industry issues, exchange ideas and develop industry positions and solutions

IFS Roundtable deliberations through their intensive economic assessment and deliberations will support BFSI space in multiple ways –

  • Explore and develop approaches to address real challenges in industry and institutions
  • Share experiences, practices and ideas around policies, regulations and management
  • Raise the quality of debate and dialogue in BFSI space to bring industry participants views closer to policy makers and regulators
  • Encourage focused knowledge and information sharing amongst market participant and institutions
  • Fill a critical void acting as the leading connector between markets and policy makers

It would be my endeavour to share the outcome of the IFS RoundTable with all of you in the form of an official compendium. Hope you enjoy the thoughts and opinions being shared by industry veterans and specialists.